MAXQDA is a professional software for qualitative and mixed methods data analysis with identical versions for Windows and Mac. MAXQDA can help you with systematic analysis and interpretation of your data, e.g. interviews, newspaper articles, focus groups, images, videos and audio files, bibliographical data, Twitter tweets and even statistical data sets. It is a powerful tool for developing theories and testing the theoretical conclusions of the analysis. MAXQDA also has a full featured transcription tool on board.

MAXQDA is powerful, yet often praised for being the most intuitive QDA software available. The clearly structured main screen of MAXQDA is divided into four windows which reflect essential management work areas in the process of qualitative data analysis: • Document system – Your data • Code system -  Your code or category system • Document Browser – Single document view, always directly accessible • Retrieved Segments – Retrieval and search results

You can import documents, PDF articles, focus group transcripts, tables, images, media files, Twitter tweets and bibliographical data sets, organize them in document groups, and develop a system of categories. While reading or viewing your data in the document browser of MAXQDA you can assign codes to different segments of your data. Create and organize memos to keep track of your ideas and theories. Take advantage of various search functions, and present your
research with a wide range of visual tools, diagrams or the mapping tool MAXMaps. Multimedia functionality includes a full-featured transcription tool that let’s you transcribe using foot pedals.
MAXQDA is the number one choice for researchers and research institutions from a wide range of scientific disciplines, such as in Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Anthropology, Education, Marketing, Economics and Urban Planning.
MAXQDA distinguishes itself from other qualitative analysis tools through its high efficiency and stability, its elaborate functionality and its user friendliness. The program’s simplicity does not, however, imply a lack of sophistication: MAXQDA proves that high technical standard and power can be combined with simple and intuitive use. This strength is in large part due to the following characteristics:
• Identical version for Windows and Mac with full file sharing compatibility • Clear and intuitive program structure • Data flexibility; import all common file types (Word, Excel, PDF, images, video, etc.) and special file format (Twitter tweets, SPSS data sets, pre-structured documents, and more…) • Extensive and differentiated functions combined with a unique and highly-advanced visualization available for the processes of coding, memo-writing and browsing, and • Seamless integration into the world of MS Office and statistic software packages.
MAXQDA is available as three product options: • MAXQDA Standard (Qualitative and Mixed Methods Data Analysis) • MAXQDA Plus (MAXQDA Standard + “MAXDictio” module for quantitative text analysis) • MAXQDA Analytics Pro (MAXQDA Plus + “Stats” module for statistical analysis More information is available at: